What happened in the mobile industry in a decade

If you reflect back over the last twelve years you will see several companies that climbed to the top only to crash and burn.
Twelve years ago, Motorola Mobility was the leader in the development of the cell phone industry. It invented the flip phone and took the market by storm with its super thin RAZR driving it to a peak market share.
As Motorola sizzled Research in Motion slid into the number one position with its Blackberry. Corporations quickly embraced the phone. Blackberry dominated the corporate cell phone market as road warriors stayed connected to the office. In the nineties, Nokia began to fade from U.S. markets, though its share in China remains strong. As the smart phone fad took off, Nokia seemed to be grinding to a halt. The Nokia phone is still tops for basic cell usage but it is failing to develop smart technology to keep up with the frontrunners Apple and Samsung. The race was open for a new leg to start running when Motorola and the Blackberry fell from favor. Apple positioned itself strongly with the iPhone, creating a completely new experience with a touch screen. Apple in a brilliant move gave AT&T exclusive rights to iPhone sales. AT&T ran ahead of its competitors Verizon and Sprint Nextel.

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Lg Optimus One P500

LG P500 Optimus One

The November’10 product released from the LG workshop brings back a future for consumer’s belief in Mobile products from LG. What was earlier a debacle in a Cookie, Lg’s reputation in the Indian Consumer market was swindling as people downsized in product quality. Comparable to nationalised brands of Micromax and Karrbon, LG needed a product which could lift its hope of creating a brand image in smartphones and new entries in Mobile technology. The Android running LG P500 Optimus one does just that.

The LG Optimus One may not be your average killer gadget, but it sports a tempting pricetag, solid build, a nice looking set of features and Android 2.2 Froyo. And with the Optimus One in your hand, you are free to mock and tease those seemingly superior phones, which are still stuck on Eclair – now that’s priceless!

Indeed, the Optimus One offers an awesome price-to-features ratio among modern Android smartphones. With 1 million units sold already, the LG Optimus One P500 seems to be a popular option and it’s not difficult to see why.
True, it’s only got a moderately clocked CPU running at 600MHz, but with the performance boost from Froyo it feels reasonably fast and responsive most of the time and the plenty amounts of RAM give it enough app-toggling punch. that is 512 mb if you twiching your eyebrows.

The TFT capacitive touchscreen, is pleasing to the eye. Sharp colours and good contrast makes the display more appealing. Expecting to compare it with the picture sharness and colour depth with Iphone would be fool’s gold, but nevertheless Divx movies and youtube vidoes look good on its 3.2 widescreen. I had plugged in a hollywood movie “Deja Vu” while on an overnight bus ride, the sufficiently wide screen did not trouble the eye and the 129gm phone hardly was a bother holding it for 2 hrs straight at video viewing level.

The touch reception is very surprisingly good for a phone in this range , and playing Angry Birds is a treat. The lag if ever there is because of the little juice the phones graphics acceleration lacks, but not cause of the touch screen